Outfits Perfect For the Summer/Fall Transition


Hi everyone! I haven’t posted on here in forever! I revamped the design of the blog a bit in hopes that it will make me want to post more! My goal is to post every Wednesday! Let’s see if I stick to it, haha!

Anyway, this blog post is inspired by the YouTuber/Blogger, Freddy My Love’s latest video. (If you don’t know her already, definitely check her out. She’s amazing and my one of my biggest inspirations.) She posted a video on how to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. I never thought about doing that before and it really inspired me to see what kind of outfits I could make with pieces from both my summer and winter wardrobes. And of course, I put together some super cute ones!





Outfit #1: Upper East Side Chic

This first outfit totally reminds me of Blair Waldorf from one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl! I paired this white blouse with a pink ruffled skirt, both from Forever 21, to create a super girly look! This outfit is perfect for the summer/fall transition because my upper half is completely covered, and my legs are free. So I’m not bundled up or barely wearing anything. And for shoes, I decided on a pair of classic, black flats from Kohls to compliment the black detail on the blouse.



Outfit #2: Laid-Back and Tangled

This next outfit is very chill but still adorable! Unlike the last outfit where my legs were bare but my arms were covered, my arms are completely bare and my legs are covered! Here, I paired this pretty tank from the shop Floating Lantern Co (I am a brand rep for this lovely shop so if your not already, be sure to follow them on Instagram for tons of cute Disney shirts!) with these light wash jeans. I love the light wash jeans because they are covering my legs but are still light in color, which is still perfect for the end-of-summer season!

For shoes, I’m wearing these rose gold sneakers from Kohls which I absolutely adore! I love these shoes because they are so flashy but super comfy, so they add an effortless touch to any outfit.


Outfit #3: Soft and Sweet

Finally, my last outfit shows a great way to make use out of summer dresses during this transition period! I got this idea from Freddy’s video and I’m in love! All you have to do is take a summer dress and just throw a cozy sweater over it. Then, you have an instant outfit that is great for the end of summer/beginning of fall! The dress in my outfit is from Forever 21 and the sweater is from Kohls.

For shoes, I wanted to keep the outfit very feminine and dainty so I chose these glitter rose gold flats, also from Kohls.


And if you haven’t noticed, I used the same purse in all three outfits. This one from Kohls is currently my favorite! It’s very neutral so it goes great with any type of outfit and looks great in any season!


Well, that’s all for this post! Hope you enjoyed! I was very inspired by Freddy’s video and I was very surprised by the kinds of outfits I could create by pairing different pieces from different seasons together! Now, I’m going to be styling all September long! Thank you so much for reading? Which outfit was your favorite? xoxo Lexie


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