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Adventures at the Orchard

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog! This past weekend we had a little family outing to a local cider mill and orchard. Honestly, this was the most fun I’ve ever had at an orchard! So, I though I would share the fun memories and go into detail on the outfit I wore!

Being that it was an October weekend we thought the mill would be packed with families and fellow lovers of fall. But surprisingly, there was barely anyone there which made it a thousand times more special and intimate. When we first arrived, we took a cozy little wagon ride through the orchard to get to the apple trees. It was so refreshing to see the beauty of God’s creations; the big green trees, pumpkins growing, breathing in that fresh autumnal air, it was absolutely priceless. Taking that wagon ride there made me think of a sermon I heard in church a couple weeks ago. The pastor preached that sometimes we need to just take a step back and truly admire at this great, big, beautiful world God has given us. And taking that wagon ride was the perfect time to do that.


Once we got to the apple trees, we started by walking over to the Yellow Delicious apple trees. I tried one and it was so yummy! Then we ventured off into the Red Delicious trees and I didn’t care for those as much. But as we were picking both kinds of apples, I got a few shots of my outfit of the day.

I decided to keep the outfit casual by wearing my oversized white long sleeve shirt from Victoria’s Secret with my classic pair of pink jeans. And of course I wore my rose gold sunnies from Charming Charlie!


I also accessorized with my rose gold LC Lauren Conrad bracelet (here it is in silver) and some dainty earrings which are basically to tiny to capture.



As for my hair, I did a really pretty side French braid, pulled it apart to make it looser, and twisted it into a bun.


After a while, we took a break from apple picking and ventured off into some hidden paths of the orchard. As we were walking I captured this gorgeous shot of my shoes for the day, which are from Kohl’s. The fallen leaves match perfectly!

When we were exploring, we walked up a very, very steep hill which gave me such a workout. We also saw some other apple trees and other beauties of nature. Eventually, the path took us right back to the main apple trees where we tried some of the more tart apples, which I also ended up really liking. We picked some of those and took the same wagon ride back to the mill.




Once we got back, I saw this really pretty white barn and took some gorgeous pics since it is totally my aesthetic. Then, we finished off the outing by getting some classic cider and donuts which were absolutely delicious! This was such a fun time and I’m hoping that this will turn into a tradition that we do every year!


Thank you so much for reading! I hope this inspired you to maybe do some fun fall activities with your family as well as take some time to step away from technology and admire this beautiful world God has made for us.





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