2018 Goals: Self Confidence, Being Adventurous, & More!

2018 is going to be a huge year for me. I just know it! I will officially become an adult this year and with that, comes many exciting things! So I thought, why not set my priorities and goals straight for this crazy next chapter in my life?!

Well here they are! My goals for 2018!

Strengthen My Friendships

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had the privilege to meet some amazing people. But being the fast-paced person I am, I tend to overlook the simple things in life, including friendships. So, this year I really want to put more effort into the relationships I have and make them grow stronger. I want to make more memories and get to know the incredible people I never realized I needed in my life.

Do Some Adulting

Being that this year I turn 18, I’m going to need to do some major adulting. This includes getting my driver’s license (which I should hopefully be getting within the next couple of months), getting a job, and starting college. I know it’s going to be scary, but I’ve been waiting for these moments my entire life and I can’t wait. I’m so excited to see how these experiences will help me grow as a person and how they will shape me into the woman I’ll become.

Get Out of My Comfort Zone

Honestly, I’m probably the biggest goody-two shoes/scaredy cat you’ll ever meet. I overthink every little thing, which is beneficial at times, but also requires me to miss out on some fun experiences. So one thing I definitely want to work on, is just doing things that may seem scary, but will end up being memorable in the end. But all within reason.

Gain Body Confidence

I’ve been insecure about my body, my entire life. And this year, I really want to just learn to love it, no matter what I look like. I am currently making lifestyle changes to help gain some of that confidence, but the majority has to come from within. So with exercising, eating healthy, praying, and learning, I hope that this year will help my self confidence journey really soar.

Rely on God, More Than Anyone.

I’m learning so much lately that my relationship with God can only get better and stronger. One thing I’ve been praying about a lot lately is that God will help me to just give all of my problems, wants, and needs to him. I don’t want to have to rely on a relationship, friendship, or anything for that matter to give me the satisfaction I need in life. I want God to take control and lead me to the people who are meant to be in my life, the careers I meant to have, the places I meant to go, etc. And by surrendering to him, I know that things can only go up from here.

Work Harder Than Ever On My Blog, YouTube Channel, & Instagram

I’m not gonna lie. My social media platforms, blog, and channel are the greatest gifts God has ever given to me. These are the things that get me out of bed every day and make me genuinely happy. So this year, I want to work harder than ever to get better at what I love to do and maybe even help someone out there who may stumble across me. I have no idea how far this is going to take me, but I want to give it my everything.

Those are my 2018 goals! I hope you enjoyed reading them and I hope you have a successful and amazing year! I can’t wait to see where this new chapter takes me!


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