Once Upon A Time… The Selection Series

Hi everyone! Today I am starting a new series on the blog called “Once Upon A Time…” where I share my love for books that I’m reading. The idea sprung upon me after starting the series that I’m about to share with you. Books are such a magical escape and I plan on introducing you my faves.

The Selection Series.

What It’s About

Although I may only be on book two, this series is truly enchanting. Not giving too much away, the series takes place in a future United States, that are ruled by royalty. The prince has come of age to find a wife and a Selection takes place where young women all across the county send in applications in order to be chosen to spend their time courting the prince. It’s basically the Bachelor, royal style. The story takes readers inside the life of a young woman named America, who has a secret boyfriend at home who she pictures marrying someday, but whose parents are urging her to apply since those who are chosen get paid to be there. So she applies, against her will, and you can only guess what happens from there.

Why Should You Read It?

I highly recommend this series to any young girls, like me, who love a good fairytale. I read the entire first book in a week because I couldn’t put it down. It’s romantic, enchanting, and transports you to a whole new world.

I hope you check this series out! You will not regret it!



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