Escape to a Magical World with My Dreamiest & Most Peaceful Finds on Pinterest

Pinterest is 100% my escape from reality. I find so many beautiful photos on there that whisk me away into another world, which I save to my “dreamy” board. So today, I am sat right next to my windowsill, looking out at a bright, gorgeous Sunday, ready to show you my latest finds that put me at ease when I am stressed and describe them each a bit.  Just a disclaimer, none of these are my photos and I will link the exact pins, on each photo.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 3.30.29 PM

It is quite chilly here, in Michigan so I am definitely dreaming of a warm, beautiful day at the beach! Also, I adore how foamy and gorgeous the water looks, along with that white lace dress! So swoon-worthy!

Gal Meets Glam is one of my new favorite blogs and to be honest, all of the photos on her blog are so dreamy! I just absolutely loved this one because of all the pink and her gorgeous dress! I’m pretty sure this is in France so if I visit there someday, which I really hope I will, I most definitely will need to check this place out!t1cc: “She’s stuck in her daydreams ”

I just absolutely love the color scheme of this photo! It definitely makes me want to have a high-end perfume of my own! The only perfumes I have are Britney Spears’ and Ariana Grande’s fragrances, which I don’t think really compares to Dior or Chanel. Hmm maybe someday!

@αυυυвreyтαтe ☾♡ #luxuryboudoir

Okay, as someone who LOVES taking baths, this photo is just the prettiest!

luxury-is-my-love: “✨ ”

I remember watching Say Yes to the Dress since I was a little girl and I actually remember picking out a Pnina Tornai dress that I saw on the show and declaring that that would be my wedding dress hehe. Although I don’t think that is going to happen, I love that I wasn’t afraid to dream big, even as a child.

"The building was cloaked in a golden and pink haze, the scent of summer rich in the was a memory, a relic of the past I couldn't quite recall..." - Aurelia - A. R. Hanley

Oh my goodness, this photo is literally a fairytale! It gives me so many live-action Cinderella vibes!

Another beachy photo! Ugh, can someone please take me to the ocean?

These shoes are just too cute! I would just love to have something Chanel someday! In my opinion, it’s not solely about the thing you’re buying, when it comes to luxury brands. It’s about the packaging and the experience, just as much as the actual item!

How cute are these little floral ice cream cones? Although I don’t think they would taste very good, they still look so pretty!
coco celeste♡ xo

Surprise, surprise, another beach photo… I promise this is the last one hehe it just looks so dreamy!

Основной альбом – 53 фотографии

This is so princess-y! This one also reminds me of Cinderella! Or even Aurora!Things I love: Paris coffee and pajamas. In celebration of their 125th anniversary@VogueMagazine partnered with @SplendidLA to design a limited-edition sleepwear collection thats as beautiful as it is comfy. (And you guys know I love my pajama sets!) Also everything in the collection is under $100- perfect upcoming holiday gift! More info link to shop in todays IG Story. #sponsored

Another of Gal Meets Glam’s photos! I’m obsessed with everything about this! The pjs, the food, the decor, it is absolutely breathtaking! I am so glad I found her blog!

This hairstyle is so chunky and beautiful! And that polka dot dress is to die for! I also love the simple details in this photo like the ring and nail polish!

♡ Chin Up, Princess ♡ Pinterest : ღ Kayla ღ

These blooms are so beautiful! I’ve never seen flowers as gorgeous as these, in real life! Flowers are so mesmerizing to me. They are just so peaceful and elegant.

Last but certainly not least, taking a bath with a view of the Eiffel Tower is definitely on my bucket list! Paris, in general, is so fascinating to me and I hope more than anything to take a trip there someday!


I hope you all enjoyed escaping into a magical little world with me. As someone who struggles with anxiety, my “dreamy” board is one of the biggest ways I cope with it. All I have to do is imagine myself in each picture, and I’m already at peace. I hope maybe this post will encourage you to put together a board or collage of pictures that make you dream, so if you are ever stressed or anxious, you can be at ease.

Let me know if you would like this to be a monthly series on my blog, as I loved writing this post and I am more than positive that more pins will be added to my board soon!

Also, if you want to follow me on Pinterest, click here!

I will talk to you all very soon!

Until next time,




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